What is Bencoding?

“Unable to Load: Torrent is not Valid Bencoding”

If you are a frequent Torrent engine user, who loves to download movies, game, songs, and or apps, you probably have encountered such annoying error message; thus, disabling you to access the Torrent site and do your primary purpose of accessing the site.

What is torrent data transferring?

Before understanding how bencoding occur when using Torrent site, you should first understand everything about torrent data transferring, also known as, “torrenting”. Torrenting is one of the most popular ways to share and download large files or data through the help of the BitTorrent protocol.

However, there are cases that you are unable to access or download files from the Torrent engine due to various reasons; this is where bencoding is involved.

What is bencoding?

One of the common representations in BitTorrent is bencoding; it is used to encode a peer-to-peer file sharing system in BitTorrent.

What are the reasons for getting the error message?

There are a lot of reasons why an individual is unable to access or download files in any torrent engine; this may include the following:

  • Your ISP may have detected corrupt files

One of the common reasons why you are unable to access the site or download any file is because your ISP (internet service provider) may have detected files with malicious content that can corrupt your file.

  • Your ISP has restricted you to access the site

There are particular countries that have strict regulations on accessing unreliable sites. One of the reasons for the restriction is because of the Government restrictions, disabling you to access torrent-based engines; in fact, countries like the Netherlands do not allow torrenting. Thus, freely accessing torrent engine is impossible.

Are there possible ways to get away with the error message?

Of course, there are a lot and safer ways to fix the error message of “Unable to Load: Torrent is not Valid Bencoding”; in fact, you may get more details on this right here. However, to give you some heads up, you can fix the error message yourself any time.

Here are a few effective methods that will fix the bencoding error:

1. Using VPN

Since most of the reasons behind the limitations in accessing any torrent engine are due to Government restrictions on accessing a torrent file, one of the best way to deal with it is using a VPN. The VPN is a type of security software that allows you to hide your current location and your online actions. Also, it allows you to access these Government restricted sites, including the BitTorrent and the other torrent-based engines.

2. Using magnet link

For a frequent torrent user, there are two ways to download a torrent file – downloading a file directly from a Torrent Client and using the Magnet Link. Using magnet link in downloading torrent file will ensure you that your file on your PC won’t get corrupted, in case the file has malicious software in it. All you need to do is click the magnet icon to use the magnet link.

3. Download from another source

If you are still unable to download the file from a torrent engine, you have to download the file from a different source – the last option that there is for now.

“Torrent Is Not Bencoding” is one of the common online problems, but there are ways to fix it; all you need to do is find the right method.

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