Top Reasons Why You Should Consider an Airless Paint Sprayer

Are you confused about whether to buy an airless paint sprayer or not? Check these top reasons why you should purchase an airless paint sprayer.

What is an airless paint sprayer?

Airless paint sprayers are paint sprayers that work by pumping the paint at very high pressure (up to 3000 psi). And then, the paint passes through the hose and out from the tiny hole of the spray gun tip. Also, every airless paint sprayer may use different tips – this is where the thickness of the paint comes from.
Why consider an airless paint sprayer over the traditional painting methods including the conventional rollers and the brushes? Here are the top reasons why:

Reason #1: Even coating
When it comes to even and uniform coating, an airless sprayer can achieve that, unlike using a paintbrush or conventional rollers. The tiny droplets of paint can evenly cover the entire surface, especially the uneven and textured surface. It easily overrides and conceals blemishes, gaps, cracks, and bumps on your walls. However, the quality of evenness may also depend on the application technique.

Reason #2: Time-efficient
One of the biggest advantages of using an airless paint sprayer is the speed. It allows you to finish your painting project in no time. Painting a door, wall, and small to average-sized projects, using an airless paint sprayer is a huge help; it saves you a lot of time and effort. However, using the sprayer on big and large walls is not often recommended due to overspray, where 15 percent of the paint often goes to waste.  

Reason #3: Flexible
Did you know that airless paint sprayers can be used on a wide range of coating materials? These materials include latex paints, primers, and more. Also, you can use the airless paint sprayer anywhere; these are transportable sprayers and can do both interior and exterior painting jobs.

Reason #4: Ideal for structured and angled surfaces
Airless paint sprayers can reach structured and angled surfaces, unlike using the conventional paintbrush and rollers. For instance, painting a cabinet is much easier using an airless paint sprayer than using the traditional method of painting.

Reason #5: Reduced workload
Several things are going on when you use the conventional way of painting by using a paintbrush and rollers.
Using paintbrushes and rollers can get messy, especially when dipping the brush or roller to the paint. And if you are a non-professional, applying the paint can get even messier. However, using an airless paint sprayer is effortless. All you need to do is fill-up the spray container with the paint, and you may start spray painting a wall or any of your projects. Plus, you do not need to think about cleaning up too much mess afterward – less mess, reduced workload.

Final Thoughts
Is an airless paint sprayer the best? If airless paint sprayers are compared to the traditional painting methods using a paintbrush and conventional paint rollers, yes, it is safe to say that airless paint sprayers are the best. Check airless paint sprayer reviews to get details on the best airless paint sprayers today.
Is it worth purchasing? Yes, it is.

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