Tips on How to Use the Baking Soda Well in Removing Blackheads

Baking soda can remove blackheads. Is that even possible? Check out this post on how to use baking soda in removing blackheads.

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is a leavening agent used for baking and cooking. What’s more, since the agent is mild alkali, it can easily dissolve dirt and grease, making it a good option for cleaning. 

But did you know that baking soda is also used for removing blackheads?

Since baking soda contains exfoliating properties; so, you may use it as a safe and cheaper alternative for removing blackheads. Like most of the exfoliating products you buy in stores, baking soda gently opens the pores and removes dirt, toxins, impurities, and blackheads. 

Isn’t baking soda harmful to the skin?

Baking soda is an alkaline substance with a pH of 8.3. According to medical experts, the optimal pH level of the skin (face and body) lies between 4.7 and 5.75, with a neutral mark of 7. Anything below and above the neutral mark can cause harm to the skin.

Since baking soda is above neutral, it is harmful to the skin. However, if the sodium bicarbonate is mixed with water, the pH level increases, forming a more appropriate level for the skin.

So, if you are making a baking soda solution (baking soda and water) to remove blackheads, it should be a 1:1 ratio (1 tsp of baking soda and 1 tsp of warm water). The idea of this ratio is to make a safe but thick paste so it can exfoliate the skin effectively. You can also make a baking soda face mask out of the ratio.

What are the other things to consider when using baking soda in removing blackheads?

For an effective blackheads removal using baking soda, check these tips:

  • Before applying the solution to the skin, make sure to wash your face with warm water. Warm water helps open the pores, making it easy to remove dirt, impurities, and blackheads.
  • When applying the solution to the skin, spread the paste to the affected area or create a facial mask and leave it for 5-10 minutes.
  • Then, scrub the paste in a circular motion to effectively remove the dirt. Also, massaging the face in a slow and circular motion helps improve blood circulation on the skin.
  • Rinse off the paste using warm water to avoid skin irritation. And use cold water to close the opened pores.
  • After drying off your face, do not forget to use the right facial moisturizer to keep the skin well-hydrated. 

The Do’s and Don’ts

  • Since baking soda is naturally alkaline, you should use it at least once or thrice a week to avoid dryness of the skin. 
  • Stop using this skincare routine if you are acquiring skin problems. 
  • If you see good results, do this routine once a week.

Final Thoughts

Baking soda is a great ingredient found in your kitchen; it can also be used in removing blackheads. However, to ensure it does more good things to your skin than bad, make sure to follow the right ways of using baking soda.

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