Tips on How to Connect Speakers to your TV

Several television speakers have poor sound quality, which is one of the reasons why using external speakers is very useful.

The speakers inside most of the LCD TVs are small enough to produce distinct quality sound. Sometimes, they would even produce terrible sound quality. Thus, using external speakers is the best option.

Can you directly connect your speakers to your television without using a receiver? 

No and Yes.

No, you cannot directly connect your speakers to your television since TVs do not have speaker outputs. Connecting your speakers to your television may require an amplifier or a receiver.

Yes, you can connect your speakers to your television, provided that the television is designed with audio outputs that allow you to connect the self-powered speakers to the television. Also, to make it work, you need to check the speaker system’s cables or electronics if it is compatible with the TV’s output jacks.

If you are new to this, check this list of top tips on how to connect speakers to your TV. And if you need a detailed guide, you may visit this website Home Cinema Effect.

Tip #1: Check the TV’s input and output

TVs do not offer speaker outputs; instead, they are designed with analog or digital audio output. Check the back of your television or read the user manual to see what type of audio output your tv has. Look for something that shows “audio out” or any output port. 

If your television has an analog output, you may connect almost any of the following ports:

  • Audio amplifier
  • Power speakers
  • Receiver with RCAs
  • Aux Out (3.5 mm TRS)
  • Headphone Out (3.5 mm TRS)

These are extremely common; however, recently, TV manufacturers are starting to void adding analog output ports.

If your television has digital audio output, it needs to be converted to an analog sound signal by using a converter box or using a receiver with digital audio inputs. Look for any of these ports to connect the external audio system to the television:

  • HDMI 
  • Optical
  • SPDIF (Single Coaxial RCA)

Take note, if the TV has more than one of either the analog or digital output, you need to pick one. The most preferred connection is the digital connections over the analog because of the cleaner signal transfer.

Tip #2: Connect the audio system to the TV

Using the right audio output cable, try to connect the external speaker to the TV.

Tip #3: Check the audio out 

After connecting the external audio system to the television, you need to check the audio out, found in the TV’s menu settings. Also, decrease the volume of the internal speakers to avoid getting strange audio effects. Then, you may now enjoy the quality sound from your television to your external speakers.

If you cannot locate the audio out at the menu setting, try to look for “sound output” or “output”. From there, you may reduce the volume of the internal speaker.

Final Thoughts

External speakers are a great addition to home movie viewing. It helps emphasize the unnoticeable sounds when you are using the TV’s internal speakers. So, if you want to get a better movie viewing experience, you should consider getting a quality home theater system.

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