Smart Tips on How to Improve Your Wireless Keyboard’s Battery Life

More and more gamers and office workers are now seeing a lot of advantages when using wireless keyboards, which includes the following:

•    It is portable
•    It helps expand your working space
•    Without wires, your work or gaming desk becomes organized
•    Your working or gaming station becomes less fire hazardous

However, like any other wireless devices, keyboard’s battery life is not designed to last long.

So, in today’s post, to help you maximize your wireless keyboard’s battery life, here are some smart tips that can help you extend your work a little longer with your wireless keyboard without the need to recharge it sooner:

Tip #1: Turn it off when it is not in use

The basic trick to extend the life of your keyboard’s battery life is to turn it off when it is not in use. Putting your device on idle still consumes battery life; so, make sure to turn it off when you are not using the keyboard.

Tip #2: Learn more about hotkeys or shortcut keys

It is unavoidable to use your wireless keyboard more often if it is where your life depends; so, the best trick to outsmart your keyboard’s battery life is to use hotkeys and shortcuts.

Tip #3: Always check your keyboard’s battery-level indicator

It is smart to anticipate that your keyboard’s battery is going to run out soon; this is to make you fully prepared. If the situation takes place, either you have a back-up wired or wireless keyboard, you are still ready to go.

Here are the basic color indicators that you may find on your wireless keyboard:

•    Green means the battery is full.
•    Yellow shows that your battery life is half full.
•    Red means that your wireless keyboard’s battery life is a few minutes away to run out.

Tip #4: Make sure to keep your keyboard away from big metal surfaces

Have you encountered someone who believed that metal surfaces can pull down the battery life of any wireless devices? Well, it does happen also with a wireless keyboard.

According to the experts, electrical conductors such as metals can cause the battery to run out. Also, placing the wireless keyboard on a big metal surface can cause signal interference; this is one of the reasons why your wireless keyboard keeps on lagging. At you’ll find several reviews on wireless keyboards, as well as, more tips about the wireless device.

Tip #4: Always make the wireless keyboard device near the computer

Another basic, yet important way to maximize the battery life of your wireless keyboard is to keep it near your computer – the farther the keyboard to the computer USB port or Bluetooth icon the higher power your keyboard’s battery life is consumed. So, make a space for your wireless keyboard on your working station.

Final Thoughts

Any device that is wireless has the tendency to lose its power due to its shorter or not enough battery life versus your working or gaming hours. So, learn how to save your keyboard’s battery life to become more productive at work or games.

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