Indoor Activities for Teens and Their Folks

Teens of this generation have evolved to become more confident and independent to the point of boldness. Many are risk-takers and much more aggressive when it comes to trying out new things whether indoors or outdoors. The best thing that parents can do to guide these young people is to show them fun and safe ways to enjoy life. There are so many indoor activities for teens that parents can introduce to their children entering teen hood.

  • Invite more friends. Teenagers want to feel that they belong. They want to fit in and be a part of a group or a circle of friends. The first thing that parents can do is to let their kids invite their friends over. It is better for your children to spend time with their friends in your home instead of them going out having fun someplace else. In this case you can still keep an eye on them while they have fun and hang out with their friends.
  • Cooking 101. Many teenagers today like cooking, baking and experimenting on making different types of meals. You can let them have a cooking party in your own kitchen. Supervise them without being such a control freak. Let them use ingredients from your pantry. You can also give out a price to the one who cooks the yummiest food and add points for the presentation.
  • Flashback Friday for teens. Kids are usually confused when they are in their teen years. Let them feel like a kid again by hosting a party with games. It would let them feel that they can still be kids again while being young adults. Games like “Trip to Jerusalem” can be fun, but make sure that you put in a little twist in the game. What about giving special “dares” or punishments that the winners can choose to give them.
  • Tech party. An activity that you can let the teens play while indoors is an online. No matter how hard parents try, teens nowadays are so into video games, online games, and gadgets. Why try to fight them when you can play along with what they like. You can set up a room with Wi-Fi and food so that while they are playing they can fill up on mouth-watering delicious finger foods. You can also give them access to sites that needs a credit card to play. Not only will the teens enjoy playing, they will also see you as a person who understands what they want. One popular video game these days is “Fortnite”. You and your teens can bond over that game or try coloring pages for Fortnite fans online. That’s another avenue for you and your teens to bond over.

Teens are not hard to understand. You were once a teenager too. Get to know them more by talking to them and sharing time with them. Remember this is their most fragile stage when it comes to discovering more about themselves and their personalities. Make this stage fun and memorable by showing them the fun things they can do even at home. Indoor activities for teens can be lots of fun if you are there to guide them and to have fun with them.

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