How to Use the Menstrual Cup

Using a menstrual cup is one of the easiest way to learn how the use it. Once you know how to insert it, it becomes the easiest way to handle and use it. Most people say that they are not comfortable after inserting it. If you feel uncomfortable, then you know you inserted it wrongly and you need to repeat the whole process once again.

How do you insert a menstrual cup?

You need to first wash your hands properly.  There two ways you can use to fold the pushing it down or the u fold. For u fold, you need to press the sides together of the cup. Fold it half vertically to form a “c” shape. For the push down, you need to press the rim down it to the base.

Holding it

You need to hold it firmly between your index finger and your thumb. Be calm and relax your vaginal muscles when you are inserting.  A comfortable position is always your best. Separate the labia with your free hand and insert the cup rim-end first in the vagina. Push it in a horizontal way towards your tailbone till the stem is about half inch into the vagina.

Rotating and sealing

Avoid the stem and hold the base area of the cup and rotate the entire cup. This makes the cup to open fully and from the formation of the seal, there will be no leakages. This is how you are sure that you have placed it well and you need not to feel it after inserting.

How should you remove it?

After twelve hours, you can consider to remove it. It is best to gauge how heavy your flow is for each person will vary from the other. Contract your muscles to guide it in the downward position. Grab the stem of the cup with your two fingers and wiggle it out so as you can hold the base area of your cup. Pinching the base of your cup releases the seal and wiggles the cup out.

What you need to do finally?

Dump your contents in the toilet and rinse the cup well so that you can get it ready to reinsert. If you are at the end of your cycle, you can choose to sterilize your cup. Boil water for just a few minutes; store it in a breathable container. Get your cleaning instruction and read it careful just to ensure you are following the right procedure.

You can find it difficult at first but you need to be calm when you are doing it. Panicking can make it difficult for you to take it out. It can be messy to take it out but reducing spillage can be done if you are comfortable using the menstrual cups.


Diva cup is one example you need of your menstrual cup. It comes with more benefits once you purchase it and start using. They contain no chemicals that can be absorbed in to your blood stream. They can last for long saving you money considering it can be reused and saves your environment from pollution as you do not have to dispose them like the tampons and pads.

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