How to Pack Light for a Vacation or Business Trip?

Packing light is a common problem for people who love to travel. Well, we usually want to bring everything that we think we’d need during the course of our trip.

When you are packing your bags, the contents can depend on your planned activities, the weather, the length of your trip, and of course, the destination.

Fortunately, we will unleash the secret of how to pack light in this article.

  1. Use the right bag

To achieve your goal, you must start with the right bag. We usually fill up space as much as we could, so in packing light, we should allot less space as well.

You might want to choose a carry on sized backpack. Aside from it’ll allow you to travel lighter, it will also help you avoid extra luggage fees.

Moreover, you might want to keep your things organized by using packing cubes.

Tip: Bring a daypack or packable duffle to carry your necessities.

  • Pack only the essentials

Some people tend to pack extra stuff because they think that they might need it “just in case.”

It’s not practical that you bring clothes for every situation — in fact, those that you wear on an average day would suffice.

It’s also probably best that you bring those clothes that you usually wear over and over again at home — those can be efficient 80% of the time as you travel.

If something comes up, you can always buy or borrow depending on your budget.

Remember that most of your “just in case” scenarios are less likely to happen. You can deal with situations when you’re already facing them.

  • Pack for one week

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling for a month or a year, you should only pack stuff that will be enough to get you through a week.

Do not pack clothes that would last you for a year because that can mean that you’re packing your whole closet.

If you’re traveling for a week or two, you can always do the laundry. In fact, it’s a cheaper option than paying for excess luggage.

  • Pack in layers

Are you traveling somewhere cold? Well, maybe it’d be best to dress in layers.

If you pack multiple thin layers, it will take less space. It’s more flexible than putting bulky items inside your bag like coats and sweaters.

Imagine how a single heavy sweater would take so much space in your luggage.

If it’s cold, you can always wear a light jacket, a base layer, and a t-shirt. When the weather changes, you can just take off one or two layers depending on the situation.

By following those tips above, you can enjoy a light luggage — and less mental baggage. Are you bringing some dress pants with you? Get more info on how to pack them properly inside your bag.

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