Crashing Ice in Your Blender

Crashing ice is difficult with its slippery texture using your bare hands. You need to achieve a nice snow style crush using your blender. You can achieve it in a blender so long as you have that heart to withstand the job. Follow up the right procedures and avoid shortcuts to get your perfect results.

Tips to consider when crushing your ice cubes

A powerful blender for crushing ice

There are so many blenders in the market but you only need the one that will break your ice swiftly as you also enjoy that task. An essential part of a blend is the motor power that you need to consider. If your blender lacks this feature then you are in a huge task.

An ideal blender has to be powerful to crash the frozen ingredients. It also has to be safe when plugging in to the socket. The watt has to range between one thousand watts and fifteen hundred for an ideal motor.

As the technology is advancing, consider some additional features that utilize power and safe while crushing ice. A cooling feature that allows your motor to cool after use is recommendable. An in built overheat function that is advanced is also good in that it can allow the motor to cool for a few minutes then resumes to its work.

Using frozen fruit

Always consider using frozen fruit than the one with room temperature in your frozen drink recipe. You should freeze fresh fruit to get thicker results with that pleasing consistency.  If you try freezing the fruit when it is fresh will, you add more flavor in your drink.

Use that crushed ice

Avoid dumping whole ice cubes in the blender this is not enough.  You should try breaking them down so that the blender can manage breaking the rest. This makes work easier for the blender to even give perfect results. It will not need to over blend.

Start your blender at a low pace

Trying to start your blender at high speed is a can spoil your blender blades out of eagerness. Start off with a few pulses to break the ingredients. Move to a low setting as you proceed slowly to crank it up until you are blending on high.

Blending for too long is a mistake

This is an easy mistake while blending the ice cubes that you can make. Running it for long will create a thin beverage or a runny one. This is a poor result to get when dealing with ice cubes. Avoid it if you are to get that perfect consistency for the ice cubes.

Avoid skipping any process

Always make sure you leave your ice cubes on the counter for a few minutes before putting them in the blender. This makes the ice pliable when it gets in the blender. Then put them in the blender leaving some spaces for that bouncy motion created from the ice cubes. Avoid overloading your blender. You can add your fruit juice to achieve the desired outcome.


Always try to use the right blenders and procedures to get the best results for breaking your ice using a blender. Consider to have these tips for crushing ice in your blender as your own guide. You will always be in that position of getting successful results that you aim at.

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