Best Bluetooth Speakers to Buy in 2019

There is a wide range of Bluetooth speakers available for 2019 in the market that you can invest in but it is hard to choose the one that would be best and cost effective yet very efficient.  So I am here to make your life a little easier with this quality review to help you with your selection. Summers are the best time to use portable speaker and make the beach life livelier. You can use Bluetooth speakers for bonfire nights and at parties. Portable speakers can be your good companion at your home when you are taking a bath or sitting in a garden and reading books.

One can understand the problem of people who don’t like Bluetooth headphones and want the greatest Bluetooth speakers for them to make their life easier. This guideline will help you in finding the right Bluetooth speaker for you and read about it before making your choice.

List of the best Bluetooth speakers:

1) JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth speakers:

JBL charge is one of the best speakers of this time and if you are having a party at your house or listening music yourself it will work great in any situation because it is an all-rounder speaker.

  • The battery is 7500mah that is rechargeable and can last long for lively listening experience.
  • It offers excellent voice quality with deep Bass and clear low notes to make the sound worth listening.
  • It is a waterproof device with IP67 water and dust resistant rating that helps in securing internals for long life.
  • Can pair with different devices using stronger signals from NFC pairing along with Bluetooth connectivity so that you can enjoy seamless audio without interruption.

2) Mega boom 3 heavy Bass speakers:

Mega boom 3 is another amazing invention that is very cost effective and efficient electronic device. The audio quality of this device is excellent with waterproof design and solid battery life. The playtime of the battery is about 20 hours that is more than enough for full day uninterrupted audio feedback.

  • You can control the audio by built-in controls.
  • The battery life is good that can last whole day long.
  • It is waterproof that makes it resistible to dust and water.
  • It can pair with any booms model for a stereo sound

3) Sharp GXBT9 Portable Bluetooth Boom Box

The Sound quality of GXBT9 is impressive with deep Bass and crisp low notes that you will love to enjoy. It runs on removable batteries that are essential to make it a fully portable device. When the battery gets finished, you can always exchange it with new. The red light illuminates these speakers and this ambient lighting makes it look very attractive and pleasant to look at.

4) JBL Link 20 Bluetooth speakers:

JBL link is a smart Bluetooth speaker. It’s offer Google assistant too. You can entrain yourself with all of the Google features like being able to get dinner suggestions and about weather updates and traffic.

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