An Honest Review of Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy-Duty Triple Lift Jack

If this is your first time searching for a floor jack to buy, know that it is not a simple experience. Take note that different types of floor jacks come in unique design, construction, quality, technology, and pricing. Thank God there are reliable online sources that will guide you throughout the selection process, like the Auto Aid Outlet.

The Auto Aid Outlet is one of the top sources of reliable floor jack reviews. This website posts product reviews based on customer ratings and reports about the leading floor jack brands in the market. This informative source is extremely helpful to beginners.

Based on customer ratings and feedbacks, the best heavy-duty floor jack this year is Powerbuilt 620422E Triple-Lift Jack. This item received high satisfaction ratings and reviews from customers. To learn more about this item, read a review on Powerbuilt Two-Ton floor jack right here.

Powerbuilt 620422E Notable Features

1. Highly Durable

The Powerbuilt is a well-known brand of impressive and advanced equipment for car maintenance and repair. And, the 620422E floor jack of this manufacturer is not an exception.

The build of this product came from high-grade and premium materials. It can last for a lifetime with proper care. Moreover, construction of the item is durable enough to support frames of various types of vehicles.

2. Lifting Capacity and Range

This floor jack by Powerbuilt can lift vehicles weighing up to 4,000 pounds or 2 tons. Therefore, it can lift small cars, motorcycles, trucks, ATVs, UTVs, and other automobiles with ease.

The lifting range of 620422E is also above the range of standard floor jacks. It can lift a vehicle from 5 inches off the ground up to 17.5 inches.

3. Unique Features

The patented design of the equipment features removable lift saddle and padded lift rails. This feature allows you to assure the vehicle is safe and secured while lifting.

Moreover, the triple-lift technology of the product makes it perfect for heavy-duty lifting.  This feature offers incredible support in lifting different types of vehicle frames.

4. Awesome Safety Features

One factor you have to consider when selecting a floor jack is the availability of safety features. It assures that both the user and vehicle is safe from harm.

The Powerbuilt 620422E have these necessary features. It has locking bar and tie-down loops that hold the automobile in place during operation. Also, the tool has a broad base to provide stability when lifting.

The Drawbacks

This triple-lift floor jack weighs 85 pounds and has a dimension of 27 x 17 x 9 inches. It is a lot bigger and heavier compared to other heavy-duty floor jacks in the market. If you are searching for a lightweight and portable floor jack, you should reconsider this factor.

Another drawback of the product is its maximum lifting capacity. There are other heavy-duty floor jacks in the market with a higher max lifting capacity compared to Powerbuilt. You can check examples of it here at the Auto Aid Outlet.

Do you have more questions about Powerbuilt triple-lift floor jack?

If you do, go to the Auto Aid Outlet to check out their review regarding this piece of equipment.

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