A Promising Floor Jack to Find

People may not commonly have this in their homes, mainly because their family cars are using the smaller scissor jacks. Some people think that such a machine may be so big or expensive that they won’t even think of getting it, even if it’s a good tool to pick up. We’re talking about the floor jack. Not as portable as the scissor jack in your car trunk, but powerful enough to lift even your small truck, floor jacks are becoming an increasingly staple tool in anyone’s garage.

If you’re looking to get your own floor jack for your garage or shop, take note of the well-recommended Blackhawk 3.5-ton-capacity floor jack. Auto Aide Outlet offers a review of this promising floor jack, which can be viewed through this link: http://autoaidoutlet.com/blackhawk-b6350-black-red-fast-lift-service-jack-3-5-ton-capacity-review/. Get a good gist of their review below.

The Jack

The Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Service Jack is designed to withstand weights up to 3.5 tons, which is a high capacity considering its low height profile at 5.5 inches. Sporting a cool combination of red and black colors, the floor jack has a bit of a classy look despite being designed wherever there are vehicles it can be serviced with, from farming to automotive shops. Its frame is composed of steel that gives its durability and its cumbersome weight.

The Great Stuff About the Jack

The users that the manufacturers have in mind for this jack include those who work with cars, but car racing crews might find this jack appealing as well; it’s quite easy to handle despite its weight, and the handle design is easy to maneuver. The user-friendly design is also attractive towards first-time users, due to its ease of use. Its Bypass feature keeps the jack from overpumping, preventing the possibility of jamming.

The dual-pump design is the part that defines this jack; it allows for rapid pumping, making this perfect for racing vehicles making pit stops. The return springs are the ones making the handle operation easy. Despite its weight being, on average, 15 pounds heavier than other floor jacks, the maneuverability of this jack more than compensates for the bulky build.

Something to Watch Out For

While the good combination of steel and aluminum combination, the low profile, and the lift height, at 22 inches at the maximum, the Blackhawk floor seems to be a good contender for being the premier floor jack out there, and one good unit you can get. However, there are some considerations that we’ll have to talk about before you get the Blackhawk jack.

With the impressive durability comes the impressive weight as well. At 90 pounds, you don’t want dropping this one on your feet. Despite its maneuverability, the weight can make one think about the jack’s portability.

The crucial thing about a product’s appeal is its availability wherever interested customers wanted to get it, and unfortunately, this is where the Blackhawk jack might stumble; it’s not readily available in hardware stores, and it’s not even available in Amazon! A frustrating disadvantage, one can only wait for the floor jack to become available in stores; it would be really lucky to find one of these floor jacks in some obscure store, but for now, it seems that one will have to take up the recommendation of Auto Aide Outlet to get alternatives such as floor jacks that are completely made of steel and thus stronger, or the cheaper but a bit weaker, aluminum variants.

Maybe the only thing you can do for now is to put the Blackhawk jack in the shopping list. It’s a promising floor jack, and the guys behind the jack’s distribution better get it back on the market!

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