7 Ways to Pop Your Ear


There are quite several instances which make people need to pop their ears. For example, takeoff or landing of a plane, imbalance of air pressure in eardrums, sickness, nasal congestion, sinus infection, and other activities that increase pressure. Well, this may not be a very serious medical issue but as a matter of fact, it makes one uncomfortable. It all happens in the Eustachian tube when blockage or obstruction is hindering the vibration of the eardrum. In this article, I will list seven ways you can use to pop your ears, if one method fails, try another and keep trying until a change is experienced.

How to pop an ear

1. Swallowing opens the eustachian tube which equalizes pressure. You may need to enhance the pop by closing your mouth while holding the nose as you swallow and turning your head to the sides

2. Yawning deeply also opens the eustachian tube to let air in and make the ear pop.

3. Another procedure that can make your ear to pop and reduce pain is Valsalva Maneuver. While the nose is pinched and closed using fingers, a mouth is closed and a deep breath is taken. Then, the air is blown out gently to avoid damaging the eardrum until a pop is heard.

4. A method called Toynbee Maneuver also helps in enhancing a pop. If you want to try this one out you begin by taking a mouthful of water, close your nose with pinched fingers, and then swallow the water until you hear the pop.

5. When a warm pack, compress or towel against the ear is held against the ear, it opens the eustachian tubes to equalize pressure and attain the desired popping. This also brings about a relaxing and comforting experience.

6. When the suffering is arising from cold and flu, inhaling steam loosens mucus blocking the sinuses to establish a balance and a pop

7. Nasal decongestants. When cold and flu blocks the nasal passageways, one desires a pop. Cleaning of this blocked nose can be done using prescribed medicine from a pharmacy.

You might not know which of the methods above-listed works best for you, as alluded, you can begin by tying one and continue with the other procedure until you discover the best way to pop your ears. One thing I can tell you having tried and succeeded is that you will surely find at least one method which can work.

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