How to Choose Hair Products – The Hair Dryer

It is important that hair dryers contain a filter. Hair dryers use the same working principle as vacuum cleaner: sucking air inside. With air it can suck inside hair, dust, and little micro pieces of dirt. If a hairdryer does not have a filter, all this can cause overheating and device can burn out quickly. This is why try to choose a model with cleanable filter. Also, there are models that switch off automatically if overheated.

First of all, let’s decide what you need a hairdryer for. If you need it just to dry your hair, then you need a powerful hairdryer with one attachment: a concentrator. If have thin hair low-power model will suit your needs. If you want dry your hair and, at the same time, style it, then choose model with several blow speeds and temperature modes (most powerful for preliminary drying, middle for hairdos, and cold air mode for fixing a hairdo).

Hairdryer—the brush was invented for short hair. This model will dry and style your hair at the same time, give your hairdo volume. There is air electric brush for making curls, it produces hot air stream powered not more than 200 watts. Such models usually have two or three types of attachment.

Average hair dryer capacity is 1000–2000 watts. More powerful models will style you hair better but short hair styling does not require very powerful hair dryer. The advantage of powerful best hair dryers is that the more powerful air stream the less hot temperature you need. Permanent waved hair, weak or thick hair should not be styled in a hot mode, if you have such hair, choose model with several temperature modes.

If you need a best hair dryer to do your permanent waved hair then you need a model with diffuser attachment. Diffuser attachment is a 10–15 cm diameter disk with surface that contains rounded ‘fingers’. It is meant for doing hair with perm and for wavy hair. ‘Fingers’ can have different length, according to head relief. Usually, they have rounded shape, hollow and have holes. Such design helps to disperse hot air stream, directing it to curls, not to scalp.

When buying a hairdryer draw your attention to comfort—it should be comfortable to hold a hair dryer while rotation the wire should not twist. Control buttons should be easy to access, hair dryer should not be too loud and too heavy. It is also comfortable if the hair dryer has a loop to hanging up. More explained here:

There are plenty of best hair dryer units found at the market today. Many women prefer buying “professional models” in the sense that if there are pros of using them then it means that they are much better. This is not true. Of course, good professional model will be better that bad mass market model. Professional models are being constructed taking into consideration the fact that it has to work 8–10 hours per day every day. Also, clients’ hairstyles very different and the professional model must have 2–3 temperature modes and 2–3 blow speed motions. Additional features include cold blow motion and different attachments. If you do not plan to use all the advantages of professional model, it’s better that you do not waste money on it because on mass market you can find best hair dryer models that have the advantages of professional models.

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Hair Dryers: The Ultimate Hair Styling Tool

Hair dryers were experiencing bad reputations for the past days. They are seen as an enemy for those having a healthy hair, since it causes overheating, as well as over drying more eventually having a wide damage effect. While it is a fact that utilizing the hair dryer more often may result to have frizzy, sticky as well as a dull hair, split ends and the like. But through following a few guidelines you can make sure that not only will you avoid a large amount of damage but make your hair look better than ever.


There are so many different types of best hair dryers on the market that sometimes choosing one can be confusing. There are many different types based on a variety of features.

  1. Wall mounted. These are nearly identical to the hand held versions but they attach to the wall. They prevent shock by staying away from water and also save counter space. They are often smaller and don’t have all of the features.
  2. Ionic. This type has what is called an ion generator that releases negative ions that penetrate the hair, hydrating it and reduces the frizz that is caused by static. They will result in a smooth glossy, or shiny hair that will stay strait all day.
  3. Professional types of hair dryers. Are professional hair dryers really that different from standard ones? Obviously, these have many more features than the standard retail features come with, including infrared and ion technology. They are more complicated, with a number of different heat and speed settings. They are also very durable, as they are needed for hours of use in beauty salons. They often come with an AC adaptor which provides the dryer the ability to be used without a cord as that is helpful in the salon setting.
  4. Handheld hair dryers. This is the most common variety of best hair dryer and is usually used with other implements such as brushes while drying and styling the hair.
  5. Bonnet hair dryer. These are much like the ones that you envision in the salons. Hair is usually set in curlers or various treatments are performed and they are set over the hair. Today, they have greatly changed to include light, portable and hands-free versions.
  6. Brush hair dryers. This type of best hair dryers combines a brush with a dryer for easy styling. While the woman brushes her hair so that it does what she wants it, the heat from the dryer helps to set it in place. Usually they come in varying heats and strengths, and with various attachments.


Whether you feel that you need these additional features of a professional model or not, it is useful to get one that combines being light weight with having power—at least 1600 watts. Different heat and power settings are useful, as are removable filters and nozzles to direct air flow.

Before getting started: be sure to shampoo and condition your hair well. Dry your hair by wrapping it with towel to absorb the excess water, as rubbing it can cause damage. Comb out all the knots and tangles before you start as you won’t want to be doing this while the dryer is going. Face the mirror and go through your routine of using your chosen styling product. For added volume, bend your head downward so that your hair points up while it is being styled, and stand back up to begin drying your hair in sections.


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Different Types of Hair Dryers

Many of today’s best hair dryers are designed to produced and bathe hair with lots of negative ions. If you want the best ‘salon’ looking hair you should be looking to buy one of three types currently on offer.

Ionic Hair Dryer

Unlike traditional models, these produce only negative ions. If you get a chance to use this type of dryer, you’ll notice how much more shiny and healthy your hair looks and feels, and how much more body it has. The negative ions breakdown the water droplets in wet hair into smaller micro-droplets that evaporate quicker—so cutting down drying time—and that are easily absorbed into your hair, leaving it feeling less dry and silkier to the touch.

Ceramic Hair Dryer

The problem with metal coils used in conventional models is that the heat produced contained ‘cold spots’—the heat produced was uneven. Ceramic, heats up evenly and, what’s more, keeps itself in check, turning itself down as it detects the surrounding temperature. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for ceramic dryers to contain only 2 or 3 heat settings. Ceramic also emits negative ions.

Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral that naturally emits large amounts of negative ions when heated—up to 6 times more than ceramic. Many of today’s best blow dryers use components that have been coated with crushed tourmaline. More often than not, you’ll find both ionic and ceramic models that use tourmaline components. If you want the best, then go for tourmaline.

Best hair dryers as of today are very difficult to remove compared to those being offered few years from now. The utilization of technology had been significantly reducing the drying period and has dramatically improved the shine, smoothness, and overall healthy look of hair. So, before you buy your next hair dryer, it’s important to know the different types and what they offer you.

First off, don’t even consider buying one of the more traditionally made blow dryers. Essentially, they’re exactly the same product as your mother—and even your grandmother—would have used; the only difference being the styling of the outer casing—the internal components being no different than what’s been used for decades.

Older dryers consist of two major parts: a metal coil that gets hot when an electrical current is passed through it and an electric motor that blows the hot air out through the nozzle. While these older models did get your hair dry, more often than not, they dried it out, giving it a frizz or lackluster feel and look.

All heaters—hair, car and home varieties—produce positive charges particles called positive ions. It’s been known for some time that exposure to positive ions can make many feel unwell or even depressed. When it comes to your hair, positive ions open up the cuticle of the hair shaft, which, in turn, lets your hair’s natural moist evaporate, leaving it dry and ‘frizzy’.

Negative ions have been shown to promote both physical and mental health in so many ways. They also seal the cuticle of each hair shaft thereby retaining the hair’s moisture and helping to hydrate it.

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